White Feather Rocks

Jim is semi-retired which means he only works 50 hours a week. But the wonderful thing is that he works for the school district, so he has summers off to rock hound and ride his motorcycle. The business grew out of a need to keep busy in the off months. Loretta is currently working at home, and making trips to see their newest grandson. Their other grandkids live 800 miles away, so thank Heavens for Facebook and texts. Loretta  also has a motorcycle, and both Jim and Loretta enjoy camping, target shooting and horses. They have 3 spoiled Cocker Spaniels and a coop full of chickens. We are a small personal business doing lapidary, stone and fossil sales and jewelry making. We also have a vast assortment of Navajo and southwestern rings and jewelry items. We are rock hounds and love anything nature. Our custom made jewelry is made of sterling silver and natural stone.